Only those taking care of their diet are capable of top performance.


This is the motto of Schnitzer GmbH & Co. KG. Because only those who pay attention to their diet are capable of top performance.

Nutrition plays a particularly important role in competitive sport. Balanced, varied, nutritionally sensible and organically grown, it creates the basis for a high-performance organism.

The right choice of food is particularly important when food intolerances or autoimmune diseases such as coeliac disease, wheat or lactose intolerance restrict life. The Schnitzer Group has made it its mission to offer people with food intolerances baked goods that make their everyday culinary lives more enjoyable and almost make them forget they have to do without conventional products.

Like our athletes, the entire Schnitzer team works every day to make the product range even better with commitment, a high level of motivation and the unconditional will to give their best.

Find out all about the Schnitzer Group's commitment to sports sponsorship on the following pages:

Jonas Hoffmann

Triathlet & Ironman


Jonas grew up in a sporty family in Siegerland and sport was part of his life from an early age. He was particularly keen on running, but cycling and swimming were also among his passions. Today he is a triathlete. What he loves most about this discipline is the variety of the three different sports, the challenge and the fact that he can practise the sport outdoors in nature.

Long distances, as are common in the half-IRONMAN and IRONMAN, require a diet that is perfectly tailored to his training. Carbohydrate-rich foods that are also gluten-free have proved to be particularly effective.

In recent years, he has learnt that he can only achieve top performance if he gives his body the right "fuel". That's why his diet is largely plant-based, high in carbohydrates, gluten-free and, whenever possible, organic.

Check out his favourite products here.


Mountain bike racer, triathlete and ultra runner

"On the fast track"

Sport has always been one of Jörg Scheiderbauer's passions. Movement and feeling his own body are his elixir of life. Jörg started his sporting career on a mountain bike and won the Bike Transalp in the mixed team three times in a row. He discovered triathlon in 2008 and qualified for the Ironman in Hawaii in 2010. "I am particularly proud of my second place at the Ironman in Dubai and third place at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship Nice as well as fourth place at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii 2019 with my personal best time of 9:04:25h," Jörg tells us in his likeable and dynamic manner.

Through intensive training, alternating with sufficient rest periods, a lot of discipline and a balanced, enjoyable diet, Jörg has fought his way back to the top of the world. "It's extremely important that you enjoy your sport, because having fun is a prerequisite for the top performance that participating in an IRONMAN demands," says Jörg.

To keep up with this ambitious lifestyle, Jörg and his wife Alexandra do a lot to keep body and mind in harmony. Tips on how to do this here.

If you would like to find out more about Jörg Scheiderbauer, you can visit his HomepageFacebook und Instagram Seite informieren.



A passionate triathlete

Dominik discovered his passion for sport at an early age and eventually came to triathlon via football, endurance and strength training.
This sport demands everything from the body in terms of strength, endurance and willpower.
In order to fulfil the requirements of the demanding training, an appropriate diet is needed. That's why Dominik makes sure he provides his body with the nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

An adequate intake of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats plays a key role in optimising the energy balance and supporting regeneration after intensive training sessions.
In addition, a balanced diet not only helps to improve performance, but also promotes general health and well-being. To find out more about Dominik Sowieja, check out his Website, Facebook and Instagram



"Extreme sports in harmony with nature"

Marathon swimmers like Andreas Waschburger consume up to 1,000 calories per competition. A balanced, healthy diet with high-quality foods plays an important role in this. "Schnitzer's products taste really good, which is not always the case with gluten-free products. And they are also organic; that convinced me. Even a swimming colleague, who doesn't normally eat gluten-free, found the baguettes very tasty," says Andreas Waschburger and laughs.

For Schnitzer, the partnership with Andreas Waschburger offers interesting insights into the world of extreme sports, which the company can incorporate into product development and the design of new products.

If you would like to find out more about Andreas, you can visit his extremely aesthetic homepage or Facebook page.You will find two of his favourite recipes here.



"Water is my element"

As a top athlete, Linus knows how important a balanced diet with a high proportion of high-quality organic products is for his performance. Using Schnitzer gluten-free products, he can forget all about his gluten intolerance (coeliac disease). For Schnitzer, the exchange with Linus provides valuable impulses and suggestions that flow into product development and design.

If you would like to find out more about Linus, you can visit his rousing Facebook page or click here: Brochure Linus.

By the way: The IG Sport of the Canton of Lucerne has nominated the 23-year-old canoeist as Young Sportsman of the Year 2021. Now it's time to keep your fingers crossed!



"A young talent wants to aim hig

At the age of just 19, Lars is already one of the top up-and-coming bikers in the downhill and enduro sector. Lars was really gripped by his passion in 2015. He rode his first downhill race in Canada and has been unable to imagine life without his sport ever since.

For Lars, this means above all intensive training and his first good results (3rd place at the Rookies World Championships, Serfaus, AT) earned him a place at the Art and Sports School in Zurich in 2018. At the same time, he began to develop further with the support of a professional coach.

In order to stay fit for the demanding training and ambitious races, Lars attaches great importance to a balanced diet despite his young age. Due to his coeliac disease, Lars lives completely gluten-free and chooses organic products wherever possible.

Lars is working on his sporting career with admirable discipline, great enthusiasm for the sport and good food, and we at Schnitzer are delighted to be able to support him in this endeavour.

If you would like to find out more about Lars, check out his homepage or Instagram page.



"In the rush of speed"

Even as a child, Stefan Luitz was always one of the best. He was born with talent and his parents took over the training, as his mother and father are both state-certified ski instructors. After Stefan took his first steps at his home club SC Bolsterlang and also proved himself in other clubs, he was allowed to take part in the Allgäu Ski Association's training programme. He continued to develop his skills there and, from the age of 15, passed through the various squads of the German Ski Association (DSV).

At the end of 2007, Stefan achieved his first international fame at the age of 15 by taking part in a FIS race. Numerous giant slalom races followed, in which Stefan Luitz always placed in the top five and secured important FIS points. Stefan qualified for the German Ski Association's men's World Cup squad in the 2010/11 season and competed in the World Cup for the first time. He celebrated his greatest success to date in 2018 in Beaver Creek with a World Cup victory in the giant slalom.

Nevertheless, the nature-loving Allgäu native has never lost his grip on reality. Just like the Schnitzer family business, Stefan attaches great importance to interpersonal relationships. His private relationships in particular help him a great deal in dealing with sporting setbacks. For example, his enforced break from training after he tore a cruciate ligament during training in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Fortunately, he recovered quickly, but has had to accept defeat time and again since then.

Stefan prepares for each new race through intensive training, alternating with sufficient rest periods, a lot of discipline and a balanced, enjoyable diet. Carbohydrates in particular are important sources of energy. But they are a bit of a challenge for Stefan. Due to his gluten intolerance, he has to do without traditional baked goods. For this reason, he is happy to have a partner like Schnitzer gluten-free at his side.

For further information about Stefan Luitz, visit his Facebook page or Instagram.