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We do wholegrain especially good!

Schnitzer's realisation that grain mills were needed for a wholesome diet at home was one thing. The other way to consume the ground grain is daily bread - the most important staple food for people. And so this realisation opened up another line of business: The Schnitzer partner bakery licence system. A number of traditional artisan bakers around the then location of St. Georgen in the Black Forest began baking Schnitzer organic wholemeal breads. A wealth of original Schnitzer recipes were created, all based on freshly ground grain directly in the bakery.

Today, Schnitzer can count more than 80 Schnitzer partner bakers who, in addition to the recipes, also receive the raw materials for the production of the baked goods and carry the Schnitzer philosophy to the outside world.our bakery department supports the partners in word and deed and regularly provides new product ideas and marketing materials.

Building blocks of cooperation

The Promise

All Schnitzer raw materials are basically natural raw materials, without artificial enrichment of vitamins, minerals or fibre. All Schnitzer raw materials are certified organic. Schnitzer-Bäcker recipes result in pure wholemeal products. They are baked without the use of enzyme-containing baking agents.

The Aim

We enable you to focus fully on your passion for baking and traditional craftsmanship, paired with the art of wholemeal baking. Artisan bakers are successful when they realise their own concept. Our offer can be part of this concept.

The Collaboration

Our cooperation is customer-orientated and our work adapts to the individuality of the businesses.

What always applies: we supply quality-controlled raw materials and tried-and-tested recipes, you bake your Schnitzer bread range with your craftsmanship.

The Possibilities

All Schnitzer partner bakeries have their own grain mill for freshly grinding the grains.

In addition, there are two special flours, Schnitzer 3.1 wholemeal wheat and spelt flour, which contain the value-preserving sprouted grains.

Under the heading "Alte Ähre", we are strengthening organic diversity in the field and therefore also in our local bread baskets with emmer, einkorn and perennial rye.

The Support

Our team for you:

Experienced master baker meets sophisticated nutritionist.

With this background, we develop new recipes, evaluate raw materials, create advertising materials and work on your premises if required.

The Clients

We know from many years of experience:

Customers appreciate the bread expertise of the artisan baker.

Many customers are happy to make a diversion when buying bread for a good Schnitzer loaf.

They know that their trusted Schnitzer baker is a wholemeal expert.

Brot-Boutique Faller in Freiburg

Bäckerei Trefz

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Bärbel Fielitz

Division management Schnitzer Partner Bakeries

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Master Craftsman Baker
Elmar Zeiser

Master craftsman

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