Enjoy life glutenfree

Schnitzer sees it as a task to offer baked goods which can stand comparison for  all those who have to avoid food components for health reasons.

Since 2000 Schnitzer has dedicated itself to  sensitive eating with  a  focus on gluten free nutrition.  The product range also includes products free from  lactose, soya, nuts, eggs and yeast. With Schnitzer you can enjoy products  free from gluten every day and you can discover new innovations over and over again.

The product development team is continually   in search of different creations and recipes, to enhance the glutenfree product range and to set new standards with regard to the taste. In this way Schnitzer helps a little bit to form the culinary daily life of the celiac disease affected people  as pleasantly  as possible. 

Aromatic fresh taste from the black forest

Some thing special out of the gluten free range  of Schnitzer is the liquid bread- Schnitzer brew.

After a development time of two years Schnitzer could bring a beer on the market in 2006, which is free from gluten by nature and nevertheless as tasty as the original! The millet beer is the perfect addition to every meal, to a barbecue evening or simply for  enjoyment  with its individual aromatic and fresh taste.

Due to the process of millet as a main ingredient, Schnitzer brew is free of gluten by nature. There is no need for  enzymatic post-processing. Next to the original Schnitzer brew, Schnitzer offers a lemon version, which is very popular due to the particularly tangy fresh taste.

Even in Canada and Australia Schnitzer Brew is in demand.

The pure wholesome enjoyment

In 1997 Schnitzer began to produce the organic gourmet-line, which consisted  of  sliced bread, ready to eat. The idea behind it was to spread the the wholesome philosophy and to simplify the acess to high quality organic baked goods in  society.

Schnitzers organic product range offers customers next to tasteful wholesome products an added value with regard to nutritional  physiology   the  quality of the food. In this product line also food lovers find what they are looking for, if they attach importance to a health-conscious diet.

The wholesome products are made of the whole ground  grain and due to this procedure  they are rich in  Vitamins, minerals like calcium which is good for the bones, magnesium which supports the muscles , iron for the blood formation and fibres, which stimulate the intestinal activity. But whole grains not only support the body but also make the nerves stronger because of the Vitamin B1 of the grain.

During the years the product range has been optimised and supplemented  by numerous innovations

In the year 2016 the organic line had  an extension through  the brand neo bakery.

Honest & authentic


The brand Neo bakery is like a perky grandson, constantly challenging his grandmother with his modern world view.

Neo bakery benefits on the one hand from the knowledge of the mother company and the companies experience during the past, like the traditionally crafted baking   On the other hand  neo bakery benefits from  modern knowledge like the  preservation of baked goods without artificial additives.

Due to the traditional principle, Schnitzer only puts into the products what is really necessary: flour, water, salt and a leavening agent such as yeast or leaven. That´s enough! The durability is produced by natural leaven, the dough process and the special type of packaging.

We´re into whole grains

- in a special manner

The awareness that one  needs a household grain mill for  wholesome nutrition at home was one thing. The other opportunity to consume the ground  grain is the daily bread- the most important basic food of  human beings. Due to this recognition a new business branch was created: The schnitzer partner-bakery-license system.   A few local classic handicraft bakeries then started to bake Schnitzer organic wholemeal  breads around the location in those times: St. Georgen in the black forest. A range of original Schnitzer recipes occurred, from the basis of directly fresh in the bakery ground  cereals.

Today there are more than 80 Schnitzer partner-bakeries which get next to recipes also raw materials to produce baking goods and carry out the Schnitzer philosophy.

Our bakery department advises and supports the partners and provides them with new product-ideas and marketing equipment.

Our first partner bakeries

Brot-Boutique Faller in  Freiburg

Since 1980 the bakery Faller has been  a Schnitzer partner-baker. Today the company is led by Thomas and Andrea Gebel, who were closely related to the Faller family. Here the Schnitzer variety can  be experienced

Ebner-Begg in the Münstertal (black forest)

Since 1980 Ebner-Begg is a partner-baker, where the Schnitzer baking was also passed to the next generation. What Mr. And Mrs Ebner senior have built up with a lot of engagement and passion is pursued  by Ebner junior


Perfect for the whole-food cuisine

Since the beginning Schnitzer has concentrated on the development of household grain mills and grinding attachments.

It all started with the question if the whole grain can be absorbed, because the whole freshly ground grain contains light and oxygen sensitive vital substances which are particularly  healthy.

With a household grain mill a wholesome nutrition is possible due to the direct and fresh processing of the grains.

Schnitzer grain mills are characterized by a long operating life and a gentle grinding processing of the whole grain.

In 1996 the idea followed that a grain mill should be able to grind and flake.

Baking bread with freshly ground  wholemeal flower or enjoying  muesli  with freshly flaked grains with the purchase of only one mill. The Vario grain mill which was developed with the technical college of Furtwangen  is the ideal starter model for health-conscious hobby bakers.